Francesca & George :: Wedding Photography at Gyrn Castle

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Francesca & George (Son of Sir James Vernon and his good lady wife), which just happened to be a pretty damned awesome wedding.  Francesca’s bridal prep happened at her family home in the Vale of Clwyd.  Francesca was accompanied by her close friends and family, and the atmosphere was lovely.

Francesca and George, I am told, have known each other since they were small children.  The Vernon and Howard families have known each other for years, and that, it seems, how they met.  After not seeing each other for several years, their relationship blossomed into romance, although it was not quite so simple according to the speeches :-).

The wedding took place in Llanasa Parish Church, just at the gates of Gyrn Castle, Francesca’s family estate.  These two venues are lovely and so scenic, especially in winter.  They were also an obvious choice.

The evening reception was a riot.  EVERYBODY danced.