Your wedding is a story about a celebration of two people in love, shared with family and friends.  I take a photojournalistic approach to weddings, telling the story moment-by-moment as it unfolds, in a fly-on-the-wall sort of way, yet at the same time, treating each individual picture as a piece of art.  I always strive to photograph your wedding creatively and differently, and of course, there is always time for those truly epic portraits and some family shots.



I photograph in such a way that it is unobtrusive and respectful to the flow of events as they unfold.  It’s all about love and genuine emotion, between you the couple, your family and your friends, and my job is to preserve those moments for you.

I don’t have a formula for photographing weddings.  Each wedding is unique so I approach it with an open mind.



There’s nothing like the real thing!  My main aim is to capture genuine emotion and real moments as they happen throughout the day.  Yes, of course, I do ask you to set aside time for your couple portraits as I believe it is important for you to have some time together with me (away from the crowd) so that I can create those more intimate photographs of you both, but I also believe that your portraits should happen as naturally and as comfortably as possible.

We also set some time aside for close family photos which include parents, brothers and sisters, and grandparents if you want them.  The key is not to get bogged down for hours with taking formal photographs – after all, I will be taking natural shots throughout the day.



I’m Darren and to put it simply, I’m a photography freak and a wedding geek!  I have photographed many things and events in my life, from architecture to fashion but what stimulates me the most is to photograph weddings.  It takes a lot of skill to photograph a wedding in a way that captures real emotion, and I love the challenge that each unique wedding brings.  There are no second chances in wedding photography.  I can’t make mistakes.  To me, that is the ultimate photography challenge.

I’m a people’s person…

With a background in psychology, and psychotherapy, I am a real people’s person, and this really helps in terms of blending in with your family and friends.

I really do care…

I genuinely care about your wedding and I care about my art; my craft.  Each wedding I set myself the goal photograph each wedding better than I did the last.

A high level of skill and experience…

I constantly strive in my personal development and I have been tutored and mentored by some of the worlds best photographers, so that I can bring a high level of skill and experience to your wedding.

Commitment and enthusiasm…

It really doesn’t bother me if your wedding takes place in the grandest of palaces, or if it is a small gathering of close friends in the woods.  I love each and every wedding that I photograph, and I bring the same level of enthusiasm and passion to each and every wedding.

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